Evaluate and present your real-time data

Collect data from different experiments into one single file

Load result files from different instruments, experiments and operators and store in one single file. This is a powerful way to keep track of all results in a project.

Compare curves in overlay plots

Compare curves from different measurements in the overlay view. A number of curve modification tools are available to make the comparisons meaningful: move, scale, normalize, subtract, etc.

Fit your data to kinetic interaction models

Kinetic analysis is one of the most powerful methods for the characterization of molecular interactions. Real-time data can be fitted in TraceDrawer, with multiple interaction models to choose from.

Calculate affinity or EC50 in biological assays

TraceDrawer can estimate KD and EC50 based on non-linear fits to loaded data.

For improved overview, place all fits in a summary graph. Comparing compound properties have never been this simple.

Compile brief reports based on your findings

Any graph in TraceDrawer, together with its accompanying description, can be neatly printed as a single page report within minutes.

Compose publication-ready figures
Post-processing graphs in image editors are unnecessary with TraceDrawer. Change size, resolution and fonts and add texts and arrows to match the requirements of the journal.


TraceDrawer 1.9 - LigandTracer version
TraceDrawer 1.9 - generic Biophysics version, preset for SPR/QCM
Release Note TraceDrawer 1.9
.NET Framwork 4.5.1 (Microsoft component)
Tutorial: Create publishable figures in TraceDrawer
Watch video: Kinetic evaluation in TraceDrawer