Understand real-time interaction analysis with LigandTracer Learning

Simulate measurements and get adaptive feedback

Explore how to measure interactions in real-time and how to interpret the outcome with LigandTracer Learning. It simulates real-time interaction measurements and gives immediate feedback on the outcome, based on the userĀ“s choice of concentration and incubation times. Instructive videos and additional background information are included to provide insight in interaction analysis from a biological and experimental perspective, all valid for LigandTracer, SPR, QCM and other time resolved assay technologies.

Final test with diploma

LigandTracer Learning contains a final test with questions about all including lessons. If enough questions have been answered correctly you receive a personal diploma confirming that the LigandTracer Learning course has been passed.

Integrate LigandTracer Learning with university courses or company training

LigandTracer Learning is a perfect tool when teaching at universities or companies. We offer education and training packages where LigandTracer Learning is an integral part. The packages can be adapted to your needs when it comes to the number of participants and their background knowledge and interests. See the pdf below for more information.

Tailored lessons for your interests

Missing something in our learning material? Let us design additional lessons custom-made for your needs. The development process is all done in dialogue with you and you may choose from elements such as simulations, adaptive feedback, background theory, illustrations and animations.


Training packages