We have extensive experience on how to create, handle and interpret real-time interaction data from LigandTracer, SPR and QCM based biosensors. This knowledge can now be transferred to you through a variety of learning packages. Regardless of if you want to improve your knowledge in assay design or integrate the packages in university courses – we are here to help. For more information, download the pdf below or contact us.

The introduction package – free of charge

Ever wanted to learn the basics of real-time interaction measurements? We offer, free of charge, an introduction package in which the principles of dynamic interactions, and how to measure them with for example LigandTracer, are discussed. This includes a trial of our learning tool LigandTracer Learning as well as informative videos and downloadable content.

The education package

We aim to inspire a full educational experience for you and your students. This has been done through the development of several pedagogical tools that may be used for one or several full teaching days. The education package not only focuses on the instrument LigandTracer, but also on real-time measurements in general, kinetics, affinity, assay setup and cell studies. It includes licenses for LigandTracer Learning for a whole class, a prepared powerpoint file with images, animations and lectures notes, and instructions for a practical exercise.

The training package

Let us come to your facilities for an on-site training in interaction analysis! The content of the training is adapted to your background and research focus, to ensure that you get the best possible out of it. Among our experienced staff we have decades of cell-based assay, SPR, and generic binding assay expertise. The package also includes access to LigandTracer Learning and TraceDrawer during 6-months after the training event to enable repetition and continuous learning.


Training packages