Evaluate real-time data from your own instruments

Developing and selling the instrument LigandTracer made us realize that there was a strong need for a tool to compare and present real-time data among our customers. This made us create TraceDrawer, an evaluation software designed to make decisions.

Our long experience from biotech companies tells us that we are not alone with the need of an evaluation and summary software. TraceDrawer can complement the product portfolio of many instrument producers and shorten the time to decision at customer sites. TraceDrawer is therefore engineered as a generic tool, capable of handling real-time data from virtually any source. In many cases, the open innovation platform TraceDrawer is the most cost-effective evaluation solution for small and medium-size instrument producers. The modular design of TraceDrawer combined with a flexible license key system makes it possible to extend TraceDrawer functionality with different scope: From dedicated license keys for evaluation add-on products to general functionality available to any licensee.

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