Sometimes assay outsourcing makes more sense than purchasing the instrument itself. When using our expertise to quantify protein-cell interactions, you are guaranteed that an experienced scientist is dedicated for your project.

Examples of scientific publications resulting from contract research

Biomimetic synthesis of hierarchically porous nanostructured metal oxide microparticles-potential scaffolds for drug delivery and catalysis.
Seisenbaeva GA, Moloney MP, Tekoriute R, Hardy-Dessources A, Nedelec JM, Gun'ko YK,Kessler VG.
Langmuir. 2010. 26(12):9809-9817

Effect of clofarabine on apoptosis and DNA synthesis in human epithelial colon cancer cells.
Wang X, Albertioni F.
Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids. 2010. 29(4-6):414-418.