Increasing throughput and simplifying comparison

With LigandTracer MultiDish 2×2 it is now possible to perform independent measurements in parallel with the same instrument at the same time, helping you achieve results faster. This not only doubles the throughput of your LigandTracer Green instrument, but also facilitates comparative studies using cells that have been cultured and measured at identical conditions.

  • Two isolated compartments to prevent media mixing
  • Segmented compartments allow isolated cell culture while allowing ligand flow during measurements
  • Suitable for cell culture, protein attachment and additional coatings (see applications below)
  • Supported by LigandTracer Control v2.3+


LigandTracer MultiDish is compatible with LigandTracer Green Second generation (serial numbers RCF-041XXX). The serial number is shown in LigandTracer Control (bottom left gray bar) and at the back of your LigandTracer. If your instrument isn't compatible, contact for more information about our Upgrade package.

  • LigandTracer cell culture MultiDish 2×2 (sterile) – for adherent cells
  • LigandTracer untreated MultiDish 2×2 (unsterile) – for cell-specific coatings or adsorption of target proteins
Application examples:
  • Compare interaction characteristics using different ligands, targets, or treatments
  • Investigate cell treatments and drug effects
  • Produce two biological replicates in the same measurement
  • Competition assays with unlabeled ligands
  • Proximity assays with quenching ligands
  • Read more about potential applications here
  • .
To order MultiDishes please contact or your local distributor.

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