Direct detection of fluorescently labeled compounds

LigandTracer Green is our most popular model and is made for the analysis of binding interactions involving fluorescently labeled molecules. Some examples of use are:
  • Antibody binding to live cells
  • Chromoprotein expression in bacteria
  • Tissue binding
  • Cell-Cell interactions
Different detectors are available for different fluorophores:
  • Blue (488nm) - Green (535nm)
    (For FITC and similar fluorophores)
  • Yellow (590nm) - Red (632nm)
    (For Rhodamine Red and similar fluorophores)
  • Red (632nm) - NIR (670nm)
    (For Alexa Fluor® 633 and similar fluorophores)

LigandTracer Green is compatible with our LigandTracer MultiDish 2x2, which allows you to run two seperate experiments at identical conditions in parallel.

Example Publications Using LigandTracer Green

Characterization of Antibody Binding to Living Immune Cells. Front Immunol. Bondza 2017

Detecting Ligand interactions in Real-Time on Bacterial Cells. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. Encarnação et. al 2018

Evaluating Real-Time Immunohistochemistry with Multiple Tissue Samples, Targets, and Antibody Labeling Methods. BMC Res Notes. Dubois et al. 2013

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