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How to run a LigandTracer experiment
Seeding adherent cells for LigandTracer
Attaching suspension cells for LigandTracer
How to install your LigandTracer
Kinetic evaluation in TraceDrawer
Affinity, on-rate, off-rate
Curvature: a needed feature of binding traces
Product specifications

LigandTracer Green
LigandTracer Grey
LigandTracer Yellow
LigandTracer White
Detailed instrument specifications
Training packages
Technology note

LigandTracer Technology
LigandTracer MultiDish 2x2
Application notes

Multiple cell line assay in a single LigandTracer run
Protein-protein interactions measured with LigandTracer
Detecting real-time DNA synthesis using LigandTracer White
Monitoring protein-tissue interactions in real-time
LigandTracer MultiDish: Higher throughput, easier comparison

A typical LigandTracer measurement
Seeding cells for LigandTracer
Adsorb protein to a non-treated polystyrene dish
Protein labeling with FITC
Direct labeling of protein with 125I
Indirect labeling of protein with 125I
Preparations for tissue measurement
Viability study using LigandTracer Yellow
Attaching suspension cells
Coat with polydopamine to enhance cell adhesion
Seeding cells in cell culture MultiDish 2x2
Seeding cells in polydopamine coated MultiDish 2x2
Coating/Seeding template for a regular dish (3 areas)
Coating/Seeding template for a MultiDish 2x2 (4 areas)
A typical LigandTracer measurement with MultiDish 2x2
Press information

Press material

LigandTracer Control 2.3 (requires license key to run)
Release Note TraceDrawer 1.9
TraceDrawer 1.9 (LigandTracer version)
TraceDrawer 1.9 (generic Biophysics version)