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January, 2020
Meet us in Thessaloniki (Greece) March 24-27
Our sales scientist Hadis Westin will attend EMIM 2020 in Thessoliniki, Greece, on March 24-27. Have a chat with her at our booth to learn about LigandTracer and how it may help you on in your research.

December, 2019
Meet us in Rome 9-12 December
Our sales scientist Hadis Honarvar is attending the conference Imaging Infections and Inflammations in Rome, Italy, on 9-12 December. Send us an email if you want to book a meeting with her.

November, 2019
Let us help you succeed with LigandTracer - New course Sep 15-17, 2020
Welcome to our next course in LigandTracer analysis, which will occur September 15-17, 2020. During three days you will learn how to plan and set-up LigandTracer assays to obtain high-quality data, perform measurements and evaluate your data. The course consists of lectures, wet-lab exercises and computer exercises. The number of seats is limited to ensure good communication between participants and teachers. Please read our announcement letter for more information about the content.

October, 2019
Release of TraceDrawer 1.9
We are happy to announce the release of TraceDrawer 1.9, which contains several new functionalities that facilitates and speeds up your data evaluation. Click here for more details.

Current customers can update to it for free from our download page.
Not yet using TraceDrawer for the analysis of your real-time data? Contact us at for more information.

June, 2019
Meet us at Affinity 2019 in Stockholm
We participate in Affinity 2019 taking place in Stockholm June 26-29th. Ridgeview application specialist Sina Bondza introduces our concept to characterize antibody interactions with living cells on June 26th. Visit their site for more information. We hope to see you there!

February, 2019
LigandTracer MultiDish 2x2 released
We are proud to announce the release of our new MultiDish 2x2! Double your throughput, increase your efficiency, and keep your experimental variability at a minimum. The compartmentalized Petri-dish allows the user to perform true side-by-side experiments, enables minimum variability in experimental conditions, and less reagent usage for an improved workflow in LigandTracer assays. Now available for purchase, see our newsletter and MultiDish page for more info !

December, 2018
Open position - Industrial PhD program
We are part of a EU consortium that has announced a number of PhD positions, one of which is with us (ESR10). Read more about the position here.
Please note that the PhD student must be recruited from outside Sweden.

December, 2018
Register now to our course in molecular interaction analysis using LigandTracer
Welcome to a course in molecular interaction analysis using LigandTracer. During three days you will learn not only how to setup an experiment to obtain the most information about your interaction, but also the reasoning behind it. This will make you more confident in making decisions about experiment design and data evaluation, and take you to the next level in cell-based interaction analysis. A more detailed description of the course can be downloaded here.

September, 2018
Meet us in Strasbourg, France in October 29-31 2018
Ridgeview Instruments AB will participate in the 7th annual meeting of GDR3545 GPCR-Physio-Med in Strasbourg (October 29-31) with an industrial talk and a poster. We look forward to meeting you!
Click here for more information about the conference.

September, 2018
Listen to us at the Immuno-Oncology Summit October 3-4 in Vienna
Ridgeview's Viktoria Soderling participates with a talk at the Immuno-Oncology Summit in Vienna October 3-4. Meet her there and learn how LigandTracer provides a unique solution to define interaction properties of immune-targeted antibodies on living cells. Read more about this conference here.